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Life Happens!

July 8th, 2008 at 10:42 am

Food shopping was kind of expensive this week.$134.00 with coupons. Returned the beer and soda bottles from the weekend. Hubby has been home from work b/c he has an infection in his right eye making it nearly impossible for him to see. We have been to the eye doctor everday this week. I'm hoping that it clears by tomorrow. I am worried about his vision it is already pretty bad. And since we work for ourselves we have had to shut the business down while he is out. Because of this situation we have had to cancel our trip to Maine which was to take place next week. We have to recoup the loss of not being open this week. Oh Well, Life Happens!
Some of the bills have started coming in from Florida, basically the maintenance and the utility bills. Not so bad so far.

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