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3RD Quarter Over

September 28th, 2007 at 10:16 pm

Today marked the end of the 3rd quarter for the year. I think that I am ahead of last year in the savings department. But I will not know for sure until 12/31/07. That is day when hubby and I go over al the investments and savings for the year and set our goals for the new year. We started this New Years tradition about 3 years ago. We look forward to it very much. We actually make a day of it and afterwards have a nice celbration.

The only thing that I know of that will affect next year is building the cabin. Which for now is still on hold until we can get septic and building permits. To tell the truth I am a little scared about taking on such a huge expense at this time. But my husband and I are not getting any younger and we want to do this before we get too old and no one wants to loan us money. We will be putting down a large down payment and that will be coming out of savings(nervous). We will also be making smaller payments for stuff such as building plans and 10% down for the kit. I am just wondering if we will like the place so much that we will make that our permanent home and sell this house? The taxes and the cost of living would be so much cheaper.

On another note, I have tried the paperback swap and it is a really nice site to trade books. It is very easy to use and the members are very friendly.

This weekend will be a big spend weekend. I am taking my Dad upstate for a wedding. My Dad is the kind of person that likes to keep his hands in his pockets if you know what I mean . So I will be paying for almost everything. I don't really know this side of the family so when he asked if I would take him I was hesitant but then said sure. He never goes anywhere. Anyway that is how I am spending my weekend.

Things are Looking Up

September 21st, 2007 at 10:14 pm

Stock market is back up again and so are the funds. Just trying to play catch up with the bills since vacation. It ususally takes me a while. And for some reason September is always a big bill month.

In other news our new employees just got a 2.00/ hr raise today. Needless to say they were very happy about that.

Extra payment was applied to the mortgage this month. New total=169,534.00.

So, all in all, things are looking up.

Bills,Bills and More Bills!

September 15th, 2007 at 02:11 pm

Nothing special going on in the savings department. A lot of bills this month. More than the basic bills I pay every month. Professional license fees ,DD's Life Insurance, Malprctice insurance,Upstates schools taxes and so on. It certainly has not been a good month for savings. On top of the huge financial gift we gave to my husband's daughter for her wedding. It is time to play some serious catch up. I also have to pay my brothers something for all the work they did on my house while we were away. The end of this month is the end of the third quarter for this year already and I think we are way behind last year in our savings. I know right off the bat we are 16,000.00 behind instead of ahead. Hopefully we will be able to recoup that and then some by the end of the year. Here's to hoping!

Completing a few more goals

September 9th, 2007 at 03:21 pm

While I was away I finally had the ceiling repaired. What a difference. My driveway also got a facelift with a new black top seal coating. I was so pleasantly suprised when I got home . All this work was done by my brothers while they wre babysitting my dogs. They didn't ask for any money but when I get the bills for this month straightend out they will certainly get paid. They also threw in a few extra's like washing and detailing dh's car and doing some landscaping around the house. Now the only thing left on the to do list for this year is to get the wood floors done. That will be a major and expensive job. I have one very large great room that has carpet over a cement slab and I want it replaced with hardwood flooring not laminate. Then my living room and dining room need the wood floors refinished. So, I think this week I will get a few numbers and call for estimates. I intend to pull up the carpeting and move the furniture myself, saving myself a few dollars in the process.

Vacation and Wedding

September 7th, 2007 at 05:26 pm

Vacation was great! Went to St. John and stayed at a very nice resort. The place was just beautiful and well maintained. Everything was very pricey. To try to save some money we ate only breakfast and dinner and skipped lunch. At dinner we only had water with our meals. We took a few excursions which cost big bucks but when it comes to scuba,snorkeling and fishing in the waters around the islands there is nothing like it. So it is a justified expense.

My stepdaughter's wedding on St. Thomas was okay. It was very hot and on the beach. She had about 50 people there. Mostly family and a few close friends of the bride and groom. Her gown was beautiful. And everyone behaved themselves(big potential for words and fists to be thrown). We gave her a very large cash gift. For which we have not heard a thank you from as of yet. I guess she thinks easy come easy go. Who knows? I'm just glad it is over!!!! Life returns back to normal.

Back at work and things are slow again. I hope it picks up next week when we are back on regular schedule.