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Update 9/08

September 6th, 2008 at 01:49 pm

My debt has increased substantially since the purchase of our home in Florida. I still feel it was the smart thing to do as I don't think that I would be able to afford the house 10 years from now. While both my husband and I still have good incomes and hope to continue to have for the next ten years at least we will aggressively pay down both our primary residence and our Florida home. It's funny the mortgage is not the hard part. It's the everything else that is associated with the house. The utilities are very expensive , even though we are not there using any of it. The taxes insurance and maintenance and etc..
My credit card debt is mainly from the vacation we took in August and buying supplies for the house. I paid cash for the furniture. I also lent my daughter money for this semester. Which she has agreed to pay back in full. I will say, I thought financially it would have been easier than it is right now. I hope it is just a working out the kinks kind of adjustment period right now. I haven't been able to save a thing since March of this year. Which is kind of upsetting. I hope to be able to correct that by the end of this year and have a good grip on expenses and savings going into January.
I'm very excited that the mortgage on our primary house looks like it will be paid off in the next 21/2 - 5 years.
Anyway, everyhting else seems to be going well for which I am very grateful.