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Free Tomatoes

June 16th, 2008 at 11:26 pm

I have tomatoe plants this year and I didn't even plant them. I just kind of forgot. Then I walked outside the other day and in the planters that I used last year, I saw 3 tomatoe plants growing and they seem to be doing quite well. Now that they are there I am caging them and giving them some miracle grow and some more topsoil. What a pleasant surprise. We have some other things growing in some other containers too...I think one might be a pumkin, the leaves are enormous. My husband had a lot of success with his seeds this year. He was able to take the seeds from the plants last year and cultivate them during the spring. At the end of May he transplanted them outside and they are doing great. He planted Dalia's, Marigolds and Impatients. Some of the plants that we brought indoors after they bloomed last year are also doing well. We have geraniums and impatients that are quite a few years old. Very happy with our free plants.

Starting from Zero Again

June 14th, 2008 at 01:21 pm

My bank balance is at zero again. This is a good and not so good thing. Good b/c the money was spent wisely. Not so good b/c it took a long time to save and I have to start all over again.
The money was spent on a down payment for a home in Florida. Hubby and I figured while the prices were low that now would be a good time to buy. We also took into account the very low mortgage rates. We purchased a very nice home in an area that will greatly appreciate in the future. We don't plan on really living in it for about ten years. In that amount of time we hope to make extra payments on the mortgage, without penalty and have the house paid off in about 12 years. By that time my husband and I will be retired. We will spend 6 months in Fl and 6 months in NY. We should have our primary home paid off in about 5 years. That will give us some breathing room.

WE also have had to shell out about 5,000.00 to get our pool fixed. I have to say that was money well spent too. The pool has never looked better and already we have gotten so much use out of it.

My projects with the home improvements have been progressing but very slowly. Still waiting on the hard wood floors.

Starting July 1st I am going to put myself on a very strict financial budget and get myself back on track again with the savings. It's kind of weird, I'm so happy about the house but I also feel guilty about spending the money to get the house.