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Free Tomatoes

June 16th, 2008 at 04:26 pm

I have tomatoe plants this year and I didn't even plant them. I just kind of forgot. Then I walked outside the other day and in the planters that I used last year, I saw 3 tomatoe plants growing and they seem to be doing quite well. Now that they are there I am caging them and giving them some miracle grow and some more topsoil. What a pleasant surprise. We have some other things growing in some other containers too...I think one might be a pumkin, the leaves are enormous. My husband had a lot of success with his seeds this year. He was able to take the seeds from the plants last year and cultivate them during the spring. At the end of May he transplanted them outside and they are doing great. He planted Dalia's, Marigolds and Impatients. Some of the plants that we brought indoors after they bloomed last year are also doing well. We have geraniums and impatients that are quite a few years old. Very happy with our free plants.

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