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Where'd It Go?

November 30th, 2006 at 10:27 pm

No savings for me this week. Today was payday and it is all gone.
Checking Account #1:
My CC # 1 $330.00 PIF
My CC #2 65.00 PIF
DD's CC#1 115.79 PIF
DD's CC # 2 113.70PIF
Condo Maint. 247.00
Total $871.89

Checking Account #2:
DD's Roth Ira $150.00
DD's Emigrant Savings $ 50.00
Total $200.00

I still have not received the bill for my car repair yet. I know it will be a doozy.
I have been increasingly making more meals at home.
Other than paying the bills, today has been a no spend day.

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