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Smart Savings

October 11th, 2006 at 11:30 am

Went to the local supermarket yesterday, Super Stop and Shop. My total came to $175.69. My total after in store savings using my store card and my coupons came to $98.59. That's a savings of $77.10.

Today I will be going to CVS with a few coupons and I will be using my $15.00 in extra care bucks so I'm hoping that my purchases will be free.

My daughter was looking up the price for one way tickets from Burlington Vermont to New York. As of yesterday the price was 159.00. I told her to wait until Wednesday and she would most likely see the price drop. Sure enough, it did, the same ticket today is only 92.00 plus tax. I think what happens is the airlines see what is left over on Tuesday and the prices go on sale on Wednesday. This was the first time trying this trick and it worked. She will be purchasing her ticket later today. Thanks to good old Mom's smart savings.

The Cost of Healthcare

October 5th, 2006 at 01:22 pm

Yesterday, I went to the dentist and had the usual check up with 4 x-rays and a cleanning. Lucky for me there weren't any problems noted. Doctor said I had beautiful teeth and to keep up with whatever I was doing because it was working. For not having any problems my bill came to $150.00 and that is with a professional discount. Needless to say I was shocked. I don't remember it being so expensive the last time I was in. Now here's the kicker, although I have nice teeth, my gums aren't as good. I have to see a periodentist 3 times a year for cleannings and exams. Her fee isn't too bad, she usually charges about 85.00 per visit and that is with x-rays. Now your probably wondering why don't I have dental insurance...I had dental insurance several years ago and found it to be worthless. I had to go to someone on the plan and then I still had to pay out of pocket. It really wasn't saving me anything because money was taken out of my pay check for the insurance and then I had to pay almost the full price at the office. Some procedures weren't even covered by the insurance. So, for dental I just pay out of pocket and it sure is getting expensive. Thank goodness I don't require major work at this point.

On another note. I have a gripe with my medical insurance carrier. The year isn't even up and they sent me a letter increasing my payment every month by $75.00. I didn't think that it was legal since we signed our contract in the beginning of the year. That means this January the price of our medical insurance is going to sky rocket (this years increased rate and the new rate for next year). I'm am going to have to investigate other alternatives. We already had to change doctors once this year because our regular physician no longer accepted our insurance. I would hate to switch again. Why does this have to be so complicated? Or maybe it's just me?

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