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Vacation and Wedding

September 7th, 2007 at 10:26 am

Vacation was great! Went to St. John and stayed at a very nice resort. The place was just beautiful and well maintained. Everything was very pricey. To try to save some money we ate only breakfast and dinner and skipped lunch. At dinner we only had water with our meals. We took a few excursions which cost big bucks but when it comes to scuba,snorkeling and fishing in the waters around the islands there is nothing like it. So it is a justified expense.

My stepdaughter's wedding on St. Thomas was okay. It was very hot and on the beach. She had about 50 people there. Mostly family and a few close friends of the bride and groom. Her gown was beautiful. And everyone behaved themselves(big potential for words and fists to be thrown). We gave her a very large cash gift. For which we have not heard a thank you from as of yet. I guess she thinks easy come easy go. Who knows? I'm just glad it is over!!!! Life returns back to normal.

Back at work and things are slow again. I hope it picks up next week when we are back on regular schedule.

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