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My Vacation

July 9th, 2007 at 10:48 am

My vacation was great! Full of activities and site seeing. Montreal was beautiful and we ate at a very delicious restaurant named Gibby's. It was our most expensive meal while we were away but the food was soooo delicious and well worth it.
We spent most of the time in Windham so we didn't have to pay for a hotel. We took a ride over to the log home builders to get quotes on the type of home we are looking to buy for the property. Very, very expensive. We wioll have to consider this very carefully. I hadn't realized just how expensive log homes are. The type of home we are looking at is about 2,700 we already own the property and the cost to build and have the home turn key ready is 400-450 thousand dollars. Yikes!

Anyway, when we spoke to the sales person thye told us that we had to get our land perked before we could go any further. What perking means is that the land has to be check to see how it can handle sewage and then a sewage system then has to be engineered. If this is not possible then the land become useless and not viable for building. She also told that that b/c it was close to the river(not on it) the DEP has made the laws very strict in recent years with regard to buliding near streams, rivers and lakes. So, this testing will be arranged this week and hopefullwe will get good news that our property can be built upon.

The whole trip cost about 500.00. Which is very good for us. Didn't buy any gifts. Which saved us a bundle.

Oh, the hotel that I reserved using hotwire turned out to be fanatastic. It turned out to be the Omni Hotel in downtown Montreal and it was a gorgeous room. It was a four diamond hotel for 103.00/night. I was so pleasantly surprise(not the broom closet that my daughter warned me of).

I hope everyone had a Happy and safe 4th.
Well it is back to work for me

3 Responses to “My Vacation”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    My husband is a builder. He use to build Lincoln Log homes, but they started to cost more than a conventional home. Good luck!!

  2. moneycents Says:

    Thank You!

  3. Carolina Bound Says:

    My cousin looked into log homes once and was surprised at the cost. I think they used to be considered a cheaper alternative, but it sure isn't the case any more!

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