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Some Savings/Some Spending

May 6th, 2007 at 02:17 pm

Went food shopping yesterday and today. Saved 37.00 with in store savings and coupons. DD is finally getting the hang of making her own sandwiches and bringing them to school to save herself some money.

DD and I went out to dinner last night to an Argentinian rest. and then went to the movies. Total was 65.00 but we hadn't done that in a while and it was a lot of fun.

Yesterday, brought a lot of yard work. Planted some nice baskets and sanded and spray painted the lawn furniture. Filled in some wholes with some top soil that I purchased on sale. Sometimes my doggies are a real pain in the neck with their digging.

Tonight I plan on making some steaks that I purchased on sale yesterday, potatoe and salad.

Did a bunch of laundry today and a whole lot of ironing. Vacuumed and washed the floors. Time to relax now. Have to rest up for work tomorrow.

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