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An Exhausting Day

April 23rd, 2007 at 04:38 pm

Today was exhausting. Running around like a chicken without a head. I got up at 6 am to let the dogs out and then they wouldn't let me go back to sleep. I stayed up and did some ironing and wash. Cleaned up a bit did the dishes and then went to work. Work was very busy especially working short handed. On lunch I came home vaccumed the floors and put up another load of wash and paid bills online. Went back to work then had to run out to the bank. When I got back it was so busy it didn't stop until 6pm. Needless to say at that point I didn't even want to begin to think about dinner. I stopped by a pizzeria and picked up a couple of hot hero's for hubby and me. No sooner did we sit down and the roofer came over to discuss the estimate with us. We gave hime a deposit of $1170.00, so, that and the 12.00 for the hero's is what was shelled out today. The remaing balance will be paid with my tax refund. Now I get to relax or so I hope.

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