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An Annoying Week...

April 21st, 2007 at 06:02 am

I just lost and incredibly long blog post and now I'm really annoyed. You can't go from page to page with out losing info.

I have been away for awhile due to work. We have had 2 people quit at around the same time, so I have been trying to fill the void myself and trying at the same time to hire someone. It seems that no one wants to work. Or once they start, they leave for greener pastures. We hired someone new On Monday and they quit yesterday. So I ask myself why did they bother applying and coming in for the week, when they were starting at our place but waiting for a better offer to come through. It was a total waste of our time!!! I will be the Jack of all Trades for a while and now that DD's semester is coming to an end she will have to fill in for a while.

I will be using my tax refund to cover the cost of replacing the roof. I think that we got a pretty good deal but time will tell. We got a few estimates and went with the lowest who also through in the gutters for same price. They are coming over Monday to discuss the roof shingles and to collect a down payment.
I had dreams of using that money for the stock account. But it was only a dream. The roof is a reality. Especailly after the rain we experience this past week.

On the money front, the mortgage made a pretty good drop. This is due to the bi weekly payments we make. The is an extra payment that gets applied. 1/2 of the payment gets applied to the principle now and then another 1/2 in July. Credit Cards are doing ok, paying off the entire balance at the end of the billing cycle.

2 Responses to “An Annoying Week...”

  1. Elly Says:

    Sorry you lost your entry. I can feel your pain on that one. That happens to me a lot on a message board I'm on. I've started writing everything in Word and pasting it over. Helps me with my spelling errors too. LOL

    Have a good one! Smile

  2. moneycents Says:

    Thanks, Elly!

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