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No Spender Today

April 9th, 2007 at 10:19 am

I had a great Easter as I hope all of you had. Little bit of extra money spent but well worth it. I have a bunch of leftover food that we will be polishig off this week.

I have to get back on board with losing some more weight. Still at 154 but now that the weather is nicer I know that I can and will do better.

Today will be a no spend day as I am at work all day today. Unfortunately DH's car broke down and he needs to have a new altenator put in. That is going to be a large payment. Between his car and mine we have been racking up the bills this past month. Still trying to hold out before getting another car.

DD is back at school today after her spring break. She was not looking forward to going back. She only has to go until May 4th and then her year is finished. I have encouraged her to start looking for a summer job as soon as possible. I hope she listens to me. Otherwise it will be a very rough summer for her.

1 Responses to “No Spender Today”

  1. homebody Says:

    Fingers cross for daughter getting a job. Look at your weight loss as taking a break from it, if you don't gain, you are doing fine! Actually I weigh about the same as you and should lose about 20 pounds. Maybe we should have a cyber contest!

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