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Another Spending Day!

January 17th, 2007 at 02:09 pm

Today was a repeat of yesterday. Spend, spend, spend. I had to buy a wireless router for DD. We have a few computers in the house and the router we were using was very temperamental. Sometimes the signal was good and at times it was very weak. DD wasn't able to use her computer upstairs. I opted for the strongest router. The one I purchase looked as though you could send a signal to Mars. I imagine it should last us quite a while. The price was 141.00. Today I had to do more food shopping to the tune of 76.00. I didn't have too many coupons this week with me, so I was a little disappointed. Oh well! Other than those two things I have been pretty good. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were taken care of at home.
Received a rebate check in the mail for $2.00 that will go towards the 20.00 challenge.

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