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Savings-in the black today!

January 10th, 2007 at 04:12 pm

Today was a pretty good savings day. I went to the supermarket loaded with coupons,the store flyer and the grocery game list. I have to tell you I made out like a bandit. I was able to get three regular sized products for free and save a bunch on items that I use regularly in the house.

I was going to go out and buy a new garbage pail for the recycleables. I thought that I would call the town first and see what kind of a container they would advise, lucky for me they said that they would send me a post card and then I could go pick one up for free from one of their local sites.

I listed a few more items on E-bay today. As I have said before this money goes into the 20.00 challenge. So I am hoping that the items go this time around.

I have some pretty big expenses coming up this month. DD's tuition $2800.00 plus books. Condo taxes(550.00) and insurance($250.00). Start my monthly payment into my stocks and pay off my balance on my CC from Christmas. Uggh! Just when you think you are starting to turn a corner in savings. My motto "It's Always Something".

Well gotta go and finish dinner. We are having London Broil, mashed potatoes and Broccoli.

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