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January 3, 2007

January 3rd, 2007 at 01:45 pm

Today I didn't feel well so I didn't go to work. Hubby didn't mind b/c it wasn't busy. I have such a bad headache and I feel a little dizzy and nauseous. I took some Tylenol and that took the edge off for a while.

I went to the thrift shop to see if they had anything interesting. I am looking for a nice large oval mirror. I make a visit every week. I didn't find a mirror but for $7.00 I found a gorgeous pair of Barney New York, Brown dress slacks, a Lands End tailored shirt, a maroon turtle neck by August Silk, a beautiful light blue cardigan and a navy blue fleece zippered jacket(when I got home I found a quarter in the pocket). I was supposed to go grocery shopping today but that didn't work out for me b/c when I got to the store and was wondering why my circular's sale items didn't match the prices in the store, I realized I had last weeks flyer with me and the coupons I had to match were also for the old circular. So I put every thing back in its proper place and left. I was just too tired after that to go through it all over again. When I got home I vacuumed for a little and then took a break.

I received my Verizon rebate checks today for the phones I had purchased before Christmas. I am still waiting on one more. The rebates are $50.00 a piece. This money will go into the $20.00 Challenge tomorrow.

I was able to get 45 minutes of walking in today. The weather was so beautiful here in New York. Tonight for dinner will be Crab Cakes, pasta and salad.

3 Responses to “January 3, 2007”

  1. janH Says:

    Sounds like a great shopping trip! Well, except for groceries. Sounds like something I would do--LOL.

  2. i'm going to win Says:

    Oh how I love crab, and it's in season in the NW crab, crab, crab, in everything and cheep. I go to the coast with a cooler and by it buy by the gross at the dock. they love me b/c I pay them more the wholesale and still save from the store price $2.25lb store @ $3.99lb and it's fresh as in alive. Try crab on english muffin with melted chedder cheese and bulinase? sauce. Eat it every day if it did not put the weight on. Oh who cares it only lastes about two months and I have all summer to eat fresh salmon and loose the weight (LOL). oh my first (LOL) ever on the internet.

  3. moneycents Says:

    Thanks for your comments!Smile

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