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Ho, Ho, Ho, Over The Web I Go...

December 9th, 2006 at 06:17 am

This Christmas season I have done practically all of my shopping over the internet. I have to tell you ...I Love It. I hear the girls at work complaining about the lines they waited on and the pushing and shoving and line cutting they experienced and I think I'm so glad that's not me.

I have watched certain sites and have waited for them to discount further and then offer free shipping. Sometimes I don't get both, sometimes I do. Very important to internet shopping is to go looking for coupon codes before purchasing. I think for the most part I'm finished. I will be giving my parents cash since I don't know what they want and they never tell me when I ask. I know it's not as exciting as openning a gift but at the same time, it is always useful and appreciated. I have gone with gift cards in the past. They always tend to forget they have them or they lose them. So that's out for this year.

I got a $5.00 rebate check from the crock pot I purchased. Sold two more items on half.com. I hope to be able to put up a few more items today.

3 Responses to “Ho, Ho, Ho, Over The Web I Go...”

  1. rduell Says:

    I did almost all of my shopping over the internet also. I'm not a shopper so this was great!

  2. sarah Says:

    I did a lot of shopping over the net. This was wonderful. My family is out of state and I just had their gifts shipped to them. No lines, no wrapping, no post office. Bliss

  3. ifeel100 Says:

    Agree! I loved shoppin online, bt due 2 my country location & shippin issue... I gv up coz too xpensive~ Im start gettin envy abt u guys Smile I guess I better quickly go line up a queue at shoppin mall b4 all gifts sold out soon, hahaha!

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