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Goal Three

September 28th, 2006 at 04:38 am

Now that my youngest is in her senior year of college, we are seeing an end in sight (of tuition payments). We had made a promise to all three of them that undergraduate school would be paid for by us. Graduate school would have to be paid for by them. It was kind of rough in the beginning because we had two going to college at the same time (there was only 1 year age difference)we didn't have a savings account for this at the time and we didn't qualify for financial aid butwe managed. It was difficult, things were tight and gradually we got used to having and living on less. Now that the youngest has one more semester left we are looking ahead to a few things for ourselves.

We have property in PA and we would love to put a cabin on it. It has always been my husbands dream to have a fishing cabin.
I would love to have a decent sized townhouse in FL. for retirement. With regards to the FL.property I would like to purchase something soon and have it rented for the next ten to fifteen years until I'm ready to retire. This way it will kind of pay for itself. Anyway, saving for these two properties is my third goal. They are only dreams right now but maybe someday....

2 Responses to “Goal Three”

  1. JanH Says:

    Wow. That's awesome for being so close to all of them being out. College expenses rose a lot between my two kids. It costs a lot more with this second one!

  2. moneycents Says:

    Thank You! My youngest daughter went to a private university the first 2 years and it was extremely expensive. She then transfered to a state school (not because of the money, she changed her major). The difference in payments were astronomical. Private University 2,700.00/ mnth + room and board. State University 2,300.00/semester and she commutes to school from home. Can't wait until she is finished! Yipee!

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