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Happy June 1st

June 1st, 2007 at 05:10 pm

Most of my projects are completed at this point. In September I will start the floors. The deck came out beautiful and I am very happy with it. Total cost including materials $1500.00. Not bad. It is a very large deck, it runs the width of our house.

I didn't save anything this week b/c I had to replace what I took out of savings for the deck. I didn't charge any of it.

The stock market is doing well this week and I just checked on my IRA and it is doing great.

I think that I am on target with most of my goals that I set in January. Now that today is June 1st and pretty much the half way mark. I think I will have accomplished most of what I set out to do by December. Hopefully the weight issue as well.

All in all it has been a very good and productive week.

3 Responses to “Happy June 1st”

  1. homebody Says:

    Good for you! I am hoping for a new deck this year too.

  2. Amber Says:

    Way to go on not charging, that is great Big Grin

  3. moneycents Says:

    Thanks Amber and Homebody!!!

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