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Mind Boggling

April 30th, 2007 at 10:34 am

The new girls are here and they seem very nice. I hope that they like their new jobs and stay with us for a while. They are young and energetic. They are grasping things pretty quickly, already. Which is a very good sign.

I will be at work all day today. No spender today. I can't believe from Friday to today gas went up another .10/gallon. We are up to $3.15/gal. I really do believe that we will be seeing $4.00 by the summer. This is very sad especially given that there is a surplus of fuel. I just don't understand. It bogles my mind. I make a decent living, bring home good money and I am pretty good at saving(always room for improvement) I just don't know how some people are going to survive with prices like these. How will they maintain any standard of living????

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