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Necessary Maintenance

April 12th, 2007 at 06:53 am

I spent some money on myself. I decided that I didn't like the feeling or the look of letting myself go... another minute longer.
Dental appointment for cleaning and exam cost 117.00.
Manicure 7.00 with a 3.00 tip=10.00.
Hair color 60.00 at the salon.
Hair cut at the salon 65.00. Tips for haircut and color 25.00.
It may seem like a lot of money but I have to tell you that I feel and look 100% better than I did before I went to have all this maintenance done. I was going to call it pampering but at my age it really is a necessity, so therefore I will call it maintenance. I vowed to myself that I would not let myself go that long again between visits. The last time I had an overhaul like this was in October. I am going to commit to every three months from here on in. In between the three months I will color my hair myself and get my nails done every two to three weeks.

Regarding the dental visit, everything went very well. My teeth and gums are in pretty good shape. I just have to be very vigilant about the flossing. Big money saver there. No expensive procedures. Good thing. I don't have dental insurance.

At this point in my life, my goal is to keep myself healthy and looking good for as long as I can while trying to save for a comfortable retirement.

2 Responses to “Necessary Maintenance”

  1. JanH Says:

    I figure our cars and homes need maintenance, why shouldn't we indulge in a little maintenance ourselves! Good for you! Enjoy it!

  2. fairy74 Says:

    I agree with you and Jan, we all deserve some maintenance!

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