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Into Recycling!

January 24th, 2007 at 08:33 am

Deposited 16.95 for ebay item sold and 81.64 for books sold on half.com. Added that to my January total in the $20.00 challenge.
I recently started to recylce pretty aggressively. I have always kind of recycled by returning bottles and such but now I'm into recycling anything plastic, paper and metal. I'm trying to get my husband and DD onboard as well. I have been visiting the thrift stores more than the department stores in this vein and have become more involved with my local Freecycle program. My DH is involved with Trout Unlimited which is an organization that is invoved with the preservation and conservation of the water ways and aquatic wild life. He volunteers much of his time and energy, cleanning up local streams and rivers. It is really unbelievable what people dump into these natural enviroments. It gets me so mad! Any way we try to do our part whether it is big or small. Evry little bit helps.

Today is grocery day. So, I'm off with my flyers, grocery game sheet and coupons in hand.

2 Responses to “Into Recycling!”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    We have curbside recycling pickup for plastics, cardboard, paper, newsprint, glass and tin cans. It makes it easy for people to recycle and yet I am shocked by how many still don't. Aluminum I'll take to the center because they pay for that, but everything else goes out every other week. I am able to only put out 2 garbage cans a month because of my recycling. Everyone else on my block seems to have their can out every week.

  2. moneycents Says:

    We have curbside pick up too. They collect every week but alternate what they pick up. One week it will just be paper and the next they pick up the plastic,glass and metal. They will also pick up Christmas trees and recycle them for use in saving the sand dunes.
    You are right, with the ease of use and the convienience, i don't know why more people don't participate. I guess it falls uner the category if it doesn't effect me why bother. Little do they know in years to come it will effect everyone!

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