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A Big Spending Day

November 28th, 2006 at 01:56 pm

Today was a big spend day. It started off with a not so simple car inspection. The mechanic called a little before lunch informing me that I would be needing 2 new tires, brakes and rotors and something that my car's computer was saying that I needed a couple of sensors replaced. I hate that darn check engine light!!! I seriously asked them if they could just disconnect the darn thing and they laughed and said no...that my car would certainly not pass inspection if they did that. As I write I still don't have an idea of how much all this will cost. I just know that it won't be cheap. Oh well I guess it is still better than a car payment every month.

After work DH and I went to lunch and had Thai. 20.00$ Then on to buy our dogfood 90.00$ The dog food is pretty expensive but it is certainly worth it. After, we went on to Costco we had to buy food stuff and items for the office 283.96$. Still no sitings of the Ninendo Wii.

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