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Smart Savings

October 11th, 2006 at 11:30 am

Went to the local supermarket yesterday, Super Stop and Shop. My total came to $175.69. My total after in store savings using my store card and my coupons came to $98.59. That's a savings of $77.10.

Today I will be going to CVS with a few coupons and I will be using my $15.00 in extra care bucks so I'm hoping that my purchases will be free.

My daughter was looking up the price for one way tickets from Burlington Vermont to New York. As of yesterday the price was 159.00. I told her to wait until Wednesday and she would most likely see the price drop. Sure enough, it did, the same ticket today is only 92.00 plus tax. I think what happens is the airlines see what is left over on Tuesday and the prices go on sale on Wednesday. This was the first time trying this trick and it worked. She will be purchasing her ticket later today. Thanks to good old Mom's smart savings.

2 Responses to “Smart Savings”

  1. chimbleysweep Says:

    Wow, I am totally impressed with your grocery store savings!! I need to be better about clipping and using coupons.

  2. moneycents Says:

    I wasn't always so good...It's just hard not to do anymore when you see how much you save. That savings allows you to put your money towards other things.

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