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A Productive Day

September 21st, 2006 at 03:36 pm

Today, was quite a busy day as was yesterday. Went to work in the AM. Mowed the grass. Took down the puppy's crate cleaned it and gave it back to my brother. Then cleanned the floors. I brought my older dog to PT. Made lunch for hubby and myself and then cooked two PotRoast dinners. One to have tomorrow night and the other one I froze to have at a later date.
Today was also payday, so off to the bank I went. There was only 5% left of my pay this week to put into savings. I had to pay school taxes on some property I have in PA. Next week it will be the same deal for the property I have in upstate New York. So for about two weeks I will have next to nothing to save. Kind of a bummer, but the way I see it ...it is a payment towards an investment.
Today also turned out to be a no spend day. A pretty good and productive daySmile

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